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The Last Donut

Growing up there was always a battle between my sister and I over who was going to get the last cookie or donut or whatever other snack we had in the house. If you were to ask my sister, she would probably tell you that I was the one who oftentimes ended up eating the last of something. I can remember when my parents would buy donuts and we would all begin eating. I would go back to the donut box in hopes of partaking of another donut only to find out they were all gone. I would then yell out in frustration, “who ate the last donut?” (typical attitude of the youngest child, thinking everything belongs to them) I would proceed to ask my sister how many donuts she had to make sure that she didn't eat more than I did. Even if I had most of them, I would still feel entitled to the last one and would fuss over not getting it.

Wanting it all is often viewed as a selfish attitude. Allowing your desire for something to be so strong that you want it for yourself and refuse to share it with anyone else is very selfish indeed. However, instead of seeking out the last donut or instead of seeking it all, what if it were given to you? What if my sister came up to me and said, “Here is the last donut brother, you can have it.” What if my dad came to me and said, “I bought a dozen donuts for you Jeremy, have the whole box.” Then my desire to consume it all wouldn't be so selfish because it was given to me. What would be selfish is if someone offered me all and I didn't take it. If my sister sacrificed by offering me the last donut and I refused it or if my dad went all the way to the store just to buy me a box of donuts that I turned down. That would be selfish. That would be thinking about myself only and ignoring the sacrifices that others have made. However, I've found that Jesus did just that. He offered us His all and sacrificed everything to give us something that we would never have been able to purchase by ourselves. He offers us a daily relationship with a Savior and King. As wonderful an opportunity as that is, why is it that we don't always accept it? Could it be our selfish nature? My prayer is Lord, make me so hungry for more of you that I want EVERYTHING that you have to offer. A relationship is what you make of it. So take time to get the most out of the relationship that Christ has offered you.

By the way, did you eat the last donut?

Pastor Jeremy

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