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Irreparable Damage???

A couple of years ago I was backing out of my garage in my black Ford Taurus to head to work. I was looking to the right to make sure no car was coming around the curve by our house. What I didn't notice was the car to the left which happened to be our white van parked in the driveway. The side mirror on my black Taurus decided to introduce itself to the side of our white van. Did I mention that my Taurus was black and my van was white? My Taurus left its signature in the form of a thick black line down the passenger side of our van, with indention.

I asked a couple of friends about the cost of repairs but decided not to move forward because we didn't have the money. So here we were with a black mark down the side of our van that I felt was too expensive to repair. I guess we will just have to leave it on there since the damage cannot be repaired for a low enough price. Or could it? Yesterday we were washing the van and my wife said “I started scratching this black mark with my fingernail and it is coming off.” I proceeded to scratch it with my fingernail until my nail was beveled from the grind. In the end, I was successful at removing ALL of the black mark. As I stood there and looked at this white van that at one time had a black mark down it, I was almost disgusted that it took me 2 years to do that. All this time I thought the damage was irreparable and all it took was a little time scratching it.

How many of you have black marks on your life from bad decisions you have made in the past? Looking back there are things we have said and done that we think are beyond repair. The damage is too extensive for anyone to attempt to fix it. We tell ourselves, “I guess I will have to live with this mark for the rest of my life.” But you don't. The damage is not irreparable. There is no blemish to great and no dent to destructive that the blood of Jesus can't mend and make new. You've lived too long with that mark on your life. Take your life to the “car wash” of heaven and let Jesus bring you the redemption you need. The best part about it is you don't even have to worry about the price. Forgiveness is free. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Let the Repairs Begin,

Pastor Jeremy

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