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Tug o' War

Do you remember the game “tug of war” that you played as a kid? I was typically one of the kids placed near the middle of the rope, close to the mud pit. I was that skinny kid who wasn't really affecting the outcome of the game. Instead, I was just holding on to the rope going back and forth with the pulling of the stronger kids. I didn't realize it at the time though. I sincerely thought my efforts were helping keep me and my teammates out of the mud pit.


Later on, I began to realize that the results of that game didn't so much depend on the people near the middle of the rope but rather depended heavily on who was your anchor. Your anchor was the big kid, the strong kid, that you placed on the end of the rope to dig his feet in and just hold. All of the other kids are pulling back and forth but that strong kid on the end is just holding. As long as he didn't lose his grip and as long as he was strong enough, there was no way you were going to lose at tug of war.


Sometimes in life, situations cause us to feel as if we are in that tug of war battle all over again. We get tossed back and forth. Some days everything is going right and other days everything seems to be falling apart. In those moments it is important for us to hold on to God's Word and not let go. When you hold on to that rope (God's Word), you may rock back and forth at times but God is your anchor at the end of the rope. He has a firm grip on that rope and He is not letting go. Proverbs 18:10 says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower.” God is that one constant in our life. He is immovable and we can find confidence in the fact that He can't be shaken. Your hands may slip from time to time but God will always hold on and keep you from falling into the mud pit.


The rope is in your hands....but it's in His too!


Keep Hanging On,

Pastor Jeremy

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